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Scheduling Policy

Functional Medicine Scheduling Policy in Minnesota

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Learn About Our Scheduling Policy

Newbridge Health & Wellness schedules appointments by phone Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm based on the provider’s set availability. 

Availability is determined by a preset schedule template which has been designed to optimize patient flow and minimize wait times. This cannot be altered without Provider approval.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients may schedule appointments by phone, in person, through the Patient Portal or via our website. Our staff will communicate with patients through the Patient Portal once registered.

Provider Visits

Newbridge has a designated scheduler who is trained to work with each provider’s schedule and manage appointments according to medical requirements and/or restrictions. 

Sick or Urgent Visits

Slots are preset and saved for same day emergency illness calls. Sick visit slots are available Monday through Thursday to accommodate urgent sick visits, depending on the situation. Sick visits are generally made on the day of appointment and are only used if necessary. If there are no Sick Visits left on that day, we can schedule for the following day as available and/or recommend that you see your PCP. 

Please note – Newbridge is a consultative clinic, we do NOT service acute, urgent or emergent situations except in the case of tick bites. We will do the best we can to assist in scheduling you with a provider during urgently sick situations but may refer you to see your PCP, go to an urgent care clinic, and/or hospital emergency department as necessary. 

Parent or Guardians

Parents/Guardians must accompany patients under 18 years of age unless the appropriate consent has been signed.

Preferred Provider

A provider will be assigned to every patient. Visits will be scheduled with the assigned provider unless the patient or parent/guardian requests otherwise, or if the assigned provider is not available.

Appointment Cancellation Fee

If, for any reason, you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we request you do so a minimum of 2 business days (48 business hours) before your appointment. If you cancel with less notice, or you do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

  • 50% of the scheduled visit cancellation fee: Stephanie Belseth, Shelly Beckman, Tina Vinson, Liz Kirt
  • $50 cancellation fee: Denise Peick, Trina Deiss, Amy Irving, Alexandra Myhill-Jones, Korene Henry
  • No cancellation Fee: Andrea Fields, Jenny Frederick, Morgan Ostien

Questions About Scheduling?

What if I don’t know which provider to schedule with?

We’re happy to help! On the scheduling page, simply select “Intake Coordinator” as your provider, and then choose “Intake Call” on the next page.

Do I have to pay online when I schedule?

No. Payments are taken at the time of service.

When will my appointment request be confirmed?

You will receive confirmation via email or text within 1 business day.

I’m already a patient at Newbridge. How do I schedule an appointment?

Please login to the Patient Portal to request an appointment.

I live outside the state of Minnesota. Can I schedule an appointment?

We can accommodate telehealth appointments for patients out of state, however we ask that you schedule an appointment with our intake coordinator on the scheduling page or by calling (612) 730-2237 to discuss your options.