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Functional Medicine Services in Minnesota

Functional medicine is a science-based and patient-centered approach to healthcare. At Newbridge Health & Wellness, our integrative care team treats the underlying root causes of illness to optimize your health. Learn More

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Why Choose Newbridge?

When you choose Newbridge, you’re choosing functional medicine. Our goal is to provide the best care that serves each patient in a functional, integrative, and holistic way. At Newbridge Health & Wellness, we work for you and your family. And you’ll never be just another face in the waiting room. 

Rest assured that through our science-based, holistic approach we will treat you and guide you through the process, addressing your every concern along the way.

Evidence-Based Medicine

We believe in using a science-based approach that relies on empirical evidence, eliminating the guesswork and offering our patients greater confidence in their care.

Systems Approach

We consider many factors of health including all body systems, genetics, environment, nutrition, and emotional well-being as contributors to your overall health.

Patient-Focused Care

Our providers get to know each patient on a personal level, spending quality time with each patient individually. This allows us to carry out highly comprehensive evaluations.

Personalized Treatment

We understand every patient is unique. We build individualized plans based on your health needs and history in order to help you reach your personal health goals.

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