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Health Coaching

Health Coaching in Minnesota 

Looking for a Health Coach?

At Newbridge Health & Wellness, we know that your health journey is important. And sometimes having the right guidance along the way makes all the difference in the world. This is why we offer health coaching to help you understand and prioritize your health goals while motivating you to live your best life! 

What Is a Health Coach?

A health coach works with you to determine the healthiest path forward while setting realistic and achievable health goals based on your individual needs. Our health coaches partner with you to enhance your overall well-being through individualized, self-directed, and lasting behavior change while being sensitive to your values, innate wisdom, and your own personal health goals.

Why Is Health Coaching Valuable?

Research has demonstrated 85% of chronic illness is predominantly related to lifestyle factors and environment, not genetics or lack of medical advancement. As such, health coaching can help you to overcome these obstacles.

A few obstacles when it comes to implementing and maintaining lifestyle changes are:

  • Knowing how to start
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Sustaining motivation
  • Recognizing positive support systems

Health coaches are trained to help you make healthy lifestyle choices and overcome barriers on your wellness journey. And our coaches help you to connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be. This facilitates the steps necessary to enable you to succeed and make appropriate changes along your health journey – changes that lead to a higher level of health and well-being.

Health coaching also gets to the heart of what providing good health care is about: 

  • Acceptance
  • Partnership
  • Compassion
  • Empowerment

Most importantly, a health coach becomes your personal partner in health. You, as their client, are the primary focus and at Newbridge Health & Wellness, your health coach is always going to offer the personalized support you need.

Thinking You Could Benefit from the Expertise of a Health Coach?