Shelly Beckman

Functional Medicine & Family Medicine


  • Functional Medicine
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Herbology & Botanical Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Metabolomics
  • Lyme Disease
  • Complex Illnesses

Degrees & Training:  

  • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Master of Science in Nursing, Graceland University
  • Master’s Degree in Herbology & Botanical Medicine, Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Graceland University
  • Associate of Science in Nursing, Ridgewater College
  • Certified in Aromatherapy
  • Certified in Clinical Metabolomics
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Phlebotomist
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Medical Cannabis Certifier

Shelly Beckman, RN, FNP-BC is a board-certified family nurse practitioner who specializes in family medicine. Shelley brings a breadth of experience in holistic and integrative medicine to Newbridge. Shelley’s clinical background includes serving patients in primary care, urgent care, hospital, and telehealth settings.

Along with a Master of Science in Nursing, she holds a master’s degree in herbology & botanical medicine and is certified in aromatherapy. Shelly is also a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Reiki Master and is certified in clinical metabolomics, which is a method for detecting and correcting borderline deficiencies and subtle toxicities, starting with the major nutrient networks.

She has worked in the area of integrative pediatrics and has experience with PANS/PANDAS, ADHD, ASD, pediatric mental health issues, and other diagnoses commonly seen in that setting.  In her more recent positions, she has focused on adult and family medicine, is familiar with a broad array of complex diagnoses such as Lyme, cancer, and other complex conditions, and utilizes integrative treatment approaches including dietary intervention with patients.

Shelly believes in an integrative and functional approach to medicine. With experience in family medicine along with naturopathic therapies, she brings an open mind to create more focused and individualized treatment plans for her patients.